Fermat is uncomplicated influencer marketing with a frictionless customer experience. Our platform is engineered to empower influencers, up-level brand sales and serve the end-user.

The story behind our influencer driven shopping experience.

Fermat was created by two like-minded entrepreneurs and a tribe of next generation thinkers that are passionate about challenging outdated marketing methods for the good of influencers, businesses and end-users. 

We started Fermat with the goal of giving power back to the people in conglomerate-dominated and oversaturated markets. What’s evolved is an influencer driven e-commerce network that is reshaping the way we curate, create and connect.

Meet the founders of next generation e-commerce

More about Rishabh

Enneagram 8 (a challenger), coffee snob, former salsa dancer, and self-recognized as ineffective at growing his Twitter.

Founder, CEO

Rishabh Jain

More about Shreyas

Enneagram 7 (the enthusiast), traveling foodie, mechanical hobbyist, never met a bucket of fried chicken he didn't love, scuba diving enthusiast.

Founder, CEO

Shreyas Kumar

We’ve launched with a bang

It’s no secret we believe data transparency is better business for brands and influencers. That’s why we thought we’d share some of our own before you integrate.

Total active consumers


GMV of brands

$500,000,000 +

Total reach of influencer network

50,000,000 +

Total of employees

22 (and growing)

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