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You created your foundation of followers, we’re here to elevate your reward.

an ecommerce network created for next generation influencers.

We’ve bridged the gap between your content and your audience by building a frictionless shop-able content platform.  Your audience can purchase an entire curation in a seamless one-click checkout experience without leaving your profile.

you’re in charge

With conversion-based analytics, you’ll be able to see which products are selling, and how much brand revenue your content is generating.

We’ve designed our platform with you in mind.

  • A storefront inside of your content

    Customize the perfect shopping experience with our embeddable and easy to use storefront. With Fermat, your audience can make a purchase without leaving your profile.

  • Earn Better Payouts

    Your audience can purchase an entire curation in a seamless one-click checkout experience. We’ve simplified the path to purchase, which means more effortless transactions for your audience and more money in your wallet.

  • Own Your Data

    We believe in empowering you with more ownership over your audience and your brand partnerships. That’s why we’ve created a transparent experience that gives you full access to the data you need to make smarter business decisions. Understand which followers are shopping with you, view your bestselling products and brands, track your transactions and offer product recommendations at the checkout.

  • A better connection with your audience

    With enhanced analytics and shopping tools embedded into your content, you can better understand and influence your audience. Get strategic with your insights and create a stronger connection with your followers. You created the foundation of followers, we’re just here to elevate your reward.

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