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Join Fermat to make your brand discoverable to influencers and their engaged audiences.

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Gain better insights on the influencers you’re partnering with, get access to the data you need to attract new customers, and increase your sales.

We’ve designed our platform with your business in mind.

  • Partner Smarter with Influencers

    Not only see what items are your bestsellers but get access to which influencer is driving the most sales for your brand. Through our brand dashboard, understand which influencer partnerships are increasing your ROI and see which influencer partnerships are the best fit for your brand. With our robust analytics, you can finally make partnership and budget decisions based on actual sell-through data. Plus, over time, see predictive analytics on which specific influencers will drive potential sales.

  • Engage New Customers

    Don’t miss out on your brand being discoverable by influencers and their growing audiences. Through integrating your brand on Fermat, you can harness the power of influencer marketing to attract new customers.

  • Gain Powerful Analytics

    We don’t believe in gatekeeping your analytics. With evolving privacy changes, standard ads and affiliate links won’t drive the same sales. That’s where Fermat is stepping in. Increase your sales channels by getting access to the data you need to expand your business.

  • Lower Bandwidth with Increased Automation

    Gain back time with our influencer marketing automations. Automate the approval process for influencer content, whitelisting, campaign optimization, influencer agreements, and influencer payouts.

  • Make Buying Simple

    We believe shopping should be easy and frictionless. With our universal shopping experience, customers can buy an entire collection of curated products from their favorite influencers, across brands, with just one-click.

  • Seamless Set Up

    Integrate your brand onto Fermat in less than 5-minutes. With our seamless onboarding you can begin using our product today without ever speaking to a human (although we have those too if you need any additional help or just want to chat… no judgements).

Creator commerce is growing
3x more than e-commerce.

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With the growth of social media, influencers are the inevitable point of distribution.

Creator commerce is set to grow from 4% of all e-commerce to 17% by 2025. The most successful brands will adapt to grow their influencer marketing strategies and Fermat can be the first step in the process!

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